Natsunagu! – 02 – English Subs

Why not indeed

In case anyone’s confused, her statement of “It’s a prefab” is regarding how the current town hall is still just a prefab building, probably because of of the previous disaster.

Nyaa: Torrent

Author: Jaon

When not swimming with polar bears or sleeping in an igloo, likes to stare at incomprehensible moon runes believing them to be messages from the ancestors. Until the caribou meat runs out. Was promoted to Deputy? Arbiter by a wandering Sheeprabbit on a hunt one day and brought to a place named after some person called Chan, Onii.

4 thoughts on “Natsunagu! – 02 – English Subs”

  1. First of all, thanks for the subs.
    Second thing is – don’t ever listen to pro-localization idiots on nyaa that forces you to dumb everything down. Especially members of GJM, commie or retards like Nala.
    3rd thing is – it’s nothing wrong with inserting your signature (group name) somewhere. I actually like it.
    4th thing – please consider making thee subs continuous instead small breaks between the lines).
    I also agree with you and “あ〜”.

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