Natsunagu! – 01 – English Subs + ED Lyrics

So I decided to do some charity work for the local Kumamoto government seeing how they spent all this money commissioning an anime and all.
Maybe someone who sees this might go to Kumamoto someday and buy a souvenir, who knows?

Nyaa: Torrent

So these are actually a thing…

And you can read all about them here on this single English page of their site!

I’m guessing the anime is referring to this store they have at Kumamoto Station

Apparently they’re donuts with raw cane sugar? Might taste pretty good now that I think about it actually.

I couldn’t easily find any lyrics for this song online, so I just did my best to transcribe it by ear.
I have no idea if I just heard everything completely wrong, but trust me the lyrics make no connecting sense in Japanese either.


Shaking off the thick night
Wishing under the moonlight
We saw, the answer that day
Beyond this night, will there be a wave
Come, hold my hand, let’s fasten the bonds
Cry, laugh, what’s waiting for us there
Unraveled the heart



Author: Jaon

When not swimming with polar bears or sleeping in an igloo, likes to stare at incomprehensible moon runes believing them to be messages from the ancestors. Until the caribou meat runs out. Was promoted to Deputy? Arbiter by a wandering Sheeprabbit on a hunt one day and brought to a place named after some person called Chan, Onii.

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