Seishun Buta Yarou Special Drama – (Pubescent Low-Life) Dreams not of First Love

So MPT was nice enough to send me his collection of untranslated bonus audio material for the Seishun Buta Yarou Series, since I said I might translate more.
Well, here’s the first out of three whole audio CDs!

It covers in more detail the origin story of how Sakuta first met Shouko-san, and also the period right before he decides to go to Minegahara High.


Natsunagu! – 01 – English Subs + ED Lyrics

So I decided to do some charity work for the local Kumamoto government seeing how they spent all this money commissioning an anime and all.
Maybe someone who sees this might go to Kumamoto someday and buy a souvenir, who knows?

Nyaa: Torrent

So these are actually a thing…

And you can read all about them here on this single English page of their site!

I’m guessing the anime is referring to this store they have at Kumamoto Station

Apparently they’re donuts with raw cane sugar? Might taste pretty good now that I think about it actually.

I couldn’t easily find any lyrics for this song online, so I just did my best to transcribe it by ear.
I have no idea if I just heard everything completely wrong, but trust me the lyrics make no connecting sense in Japanese either.


Shaking off the thick night
Wishing under the moonlight
We saw, the answer that day
Beyond this night, will there be a wave
Come, hold my hand, let’s fasten the bonds
Cry, laugh, what’s waiting for us there
Unraveled the heart



Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara – Ride Your Wave – English Subs [Yamenaideoneesama]

Torrent: Nyaa

Well, this took much longer than I thought. It’s not polished at all, and I’ve already found typos and stuff but I’m too lazy to re-render the whole thing again.
Only tested on MPC, so if it’s not working on another player, try with that.

I feel like I should write an actual blog post about all the stupid things I had to deal with or look up while working on this, but for now I just want to release it.

Doing a whole movie alone is pretty tiring. I forgot to even put in any sort of credits in the sub file! Either way, all the roles were filled by me, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

The source I used to render this was from the Ohys-Raws BD release, but I actually timed and worked with an earlier Amazon video rip here. I had to offset the subs with the new file by 500ms, but I never checked too closely so it still might be a bit off.
Also I’m no pro at rendering video, so I somehow managed to re-render that 7GB 1080P FLAC release into a file just under 2GB… I highly doubt that’s a good thing, but oh well.

Anyways, this movie was a pretty fun watch, so I hope ya’ll enjoy it!

Edit: v2 is out, and the torrent link has been updated

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Seishun Buta Yarou Drama CD – Rascal Does Not Dream of Powdered Snow – [Dengeki Bunko Sample][Yamenaideoneesama]

This is the Drama CD sample uploaded to Dengeki Bunko’s youtube channel advertising the release of the special edition 10th volume of Seishun Buta Yarou on 2020/02/07 here: Here

The other anime BD/DVD ones are all on MPT’s channel here: Here

Hopefully this doesn’t get taken down, and maybe if I can get my hands on the full CD I might translate the rest too.

Or just go ask MPT. Discord link from his videos: Here

(Ported from original at Oniichanyamete)

Brand New Story – GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE English Lyrics (Theme from Ride Your Wave/Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara) / 映画「きみと、波にのれたら」主題歌

I’m in the middle of subbing Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara (きみと、波にのれたら/Localised as Ride Your Wave) and thought that since the song features so largely as part of the movie and I had to translate it in the subs, I might as well put up the lyric translation here as well. Overall I’m done about 30 mins out of the 90 minute movie, so it’ll probably take another week or so to finish.

The lyrics are pretty roughly translated, with some slight effort in trying to localise the flow/meaning but it’s still relatively literal. Feel free to take them, use them, improve them, whatever, but just know I did a quick and dirty job here for the sake of my subtitles. I don’t even have proper line to line mapping or punctuation because that’s how it is in my subtitle file and I’m too lazy to make it all nice just for this.

PS: You can listen to the song itself here


As you gaze at the water’s surface
It sparkles like a billion stars
And as the colours change bit by bit
The light shines on and on

Sometimes fate will point us
Towards an arduous path
And we grind to a standstill
But if we could just get through the pain

That’s right, the moment you open your eyes
It’s the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place

The times of tears
Are sure to number
Countless more than laughter or smiles, you know
But you see,
The thing with tears is
They’ll always dry up eventually

The same wave will
Never come washing up again
Let’s hold on tight and face it right
The fact that we are here right now

That’s right
Take your imagination
Make it shine as a Brand New Story
And so as the seasons go on
We’ll take these growing feelings
And hold them inside my heart
Forever and on

The memories from those bygone days
Will never ever disappear
Within our ever glowing
Inner hearts

So let keep on facing forward
And hold a bit of courage

That’s right, the moment you open your eyes
It’s the start of a Brand New Story
By taking that first step forward
Your path will open right up
All so we can head
To that promised place

My Brand New Story

Original Japanese – Source: Lyrical Nonsense


時として運命は 試すような道を指して

That’s Right
始まるよ Brand New Story



That’s Right
輝いてる Brand New Story



That’s Right
始まるよ Brand New Story

My Brand New Story

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Carole and Tuesday – 01

We are now a sub group(not really)! So apparently this is a thing that exists now.

Thanks to anon for the pre-timed file. I just redid the translations.

If you need raws: 720p 1080p

As with basically everything I do, don’t hold your breath for more, but this episode was nice so I felt it deserved a good release.
Also I’m aware that there is an actual group that’s doing this show, but since there was a kind of badly translated sub file out there before them, having a better option might help give people who were gonna watch it anyways a better experience. Plus the anon who made it kept it in a state that was really easily usable for re-tl.

(Ported from original at Oniichanyamete)

What do?

Could we just have one of us be the editor for everything? If we translated on google docs with notes for why we worded things the way we did, one translator could just play the part of editor and go in and rewrite everything to their style for consistency.